Why Participate in the Expedia Affiliate Network Program?

Expedia API Integration

How can Expedia API integration help with Affiliate Marketing?

The affiliates of the Expedia Affiliate Network who were previously confined to using the Chameleon solution can now take a sigh of relief as integrating Expedia EAN API is no longer an uphill task. Using our travel affiliate framework, you can now convert a shopper to a buyer on your own website. You will no longer need to send your hard earned traffic to your parent affiliate.

EAN Hotel Inventory Insight

With more than 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) hotels/properties across the globe, Expedia along with its strong team of 5,000 Expedia affiliates in the Expedia Affiliate Network, process more than  146 million room nights every year. Flash deals and Last minute deals are the best and if someone is shopping for a hotel room night, this inventory is the best, it can get. If you are a part of the EAN Affiliate Program you can now access all this inventory. Once you have integrated the Expedia API library into your website the hotel inventory will be updated automatically.

Best Travel Affiliate Program On The Block

What any affiliate is looking at is a powerful merchant and good pay offs when the deal is done. The Expedia Affiliate Network program works on the “Cost Per Sale (CPS)” affiliate model. So, once your visitor has completed the purchase on your website, EAN will credit your account with the commission. This payoff keeps increasing as and when you achieve better sales. If you have built your online travel  with the best know practices, you can be sure to attract good traffic.

Expedia API Integration

Expedia has built a very robust API structure that can be consumed by any program to retrieve and view data on their websites. The Expedia EAN API platform is powerful and resilient. We have seen high-speed responses back from Expedia Affiliate Network servers and have good faith in their response times. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while implementing the API

  1. Use RESTful to consume the Expedia API.
  2. Follow the  development guidelines specified for Expedia API Integration.
  3. Get your SSL certificate as the booking page requires you to send payment data to Expedia Affiliate Network on a secure layer.
  4. Get the site approved from Expedia Affiliate Network Program after carefully reviewing all the ‘Launch requirement’ items.
  5. Do not make any sale until you have received approval for the site from EAN Service Desk. If you do make a sale, you will not receive commission.
  6. Set the contract with EAN under the ‘Travel Affiliate’ program. Make sure you ask for “hotel collect” option in the contract.
  7. Get your CID approved from TripAdvisor.com. Only when the CID is approved will you be able to show the Trip Advisor reviews on your Travel Affiliate site.
  8. Implement on page SEO for best organic benefits.
  9. Once the site is approved EAN service desk will enable your CID and API key for full sales access.

‘Expedia Collect’ Or ‘Pay At Hotel’

Many travelers are now demanding that they pay for the hotel at the hotel instead of paying upfront on the site. This facility has been recently introduced by Expedia Affiliate Network and for EAN Affiliates who use Expedia API Integration.  This facility has the following benefits and challenges

  1. It helps in converting customers faster as they don’t have to pay upfront for the hotel room
  2. There have been reports that a major part of these also get cancelled
  3. There is a separate process the must be followed to implement the “Pay at Hotel” feature.
  4. More information is available on http://developer.ean.com/docs/
  5. Only a few hotels on the Expdia Affilate inventory have embraced this program, so read the Expedia EAN API documentation carefully before implementing this feature.

Marketing And Re-marketing

Now that you are implementing the API on the site, make sure you integrate the Social Media login facility. This way you will have the information on the shopper and can use that to re-market and retarget the visitor back to your site.
A small approach like this will save you a lot of money in PPC campaigns and AdWords.

Affiliate Marketing Website For Under $100

Quick Travel Affiliate brings to the table a framework that has all the above components already built in. When you sign up with Quick Travel Affiliate, you get

  1. A well-designed site that is responsive and mobile-ready.
  2. A framework that can give you your own ‘Online Travel Agency (OTA)” in a few hours.
  3. A team of experts who will help you start earning online revenue in a more strategic manner.
  4. A pre-integrated Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) API, to help your clients research on your site instead of going elsewhere.
  5. Pre-configured reports and analytics to see how your travel agency website is doing on the internet and lots more..

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