Four steps to your own internet travel agency.


Step one -We Plan it with you

Once you have subscribed for the site, we send you a few questions to help us understand your business model and niche. This enables us to know your expectations with respect to the site look and feel, the buyer personas (type of clients) and the cities  that you want to target.


Step Two – We build it for you

This is the stage where we get into the engine room and build your site for you. This process usually takes 3 to 5 business days and once the site is ready, we give you a presentation and seek your comments. We then get your engine approved from Expedia so that bookings on the site convert to commissions for you.


Step Three – We host and maintain for you

The travel world is very dynamic and with new features visitor expectations changing almost every day. Our expert set of developers keep updating your site with these expectations and make sure it is secure and not hackable as we host it on our corporate class servers so even the least tech savvy business owner can have a professional website! You have full access to the site to help you update content.


Step Four – We Promote it for you

A good website, good content are the most important ingredients for attracting visitors, but to get visitors to come to your site and buy is only going to be possible if you strategically promote your site in the market. We have the most proven methods of ‘Digital Marketing’ to help you get noticed in this chaos. Leave it up to us.