1. Setup Instance

As a first step, we would setup an instance for you on our Hosting Test Server. Our UI experts will help customize by adding your logo and choosing a theme for you. We will help you plan a sitemap and structure for you site.  

2. Add Content

Once the structure of your website is in place, now comes the time to place content in to the site. We will guide how to go about it by feeding in the which content to create at this point. Our experts would take content from you and advice as on how to improve the content. Once you have reviewed the content and ready for go live, we can now look to publish the website.

3. Host It

The travel world is very dynamic and with new features visitor expectations changing almost every day. Our expert set of developers keep updating your site with these expectations and make sure it is secure and not hackable as we host it on our corporate class servers so even the least tech savvy business owner can have a professional website! You have full access to the site to help you update content.

4. Help Promote

A good website, good content are the most important ingredients for attracting visitors, but to get visitors to come to your site and buy is only going to be possible if you strategically promote your site in the market. We will help you with experts who can help with understanding and queries gain share of the online traffic.