1. Buy Online Travel Agency

As a first step, one needs to purchase the $99 package. When buying $99 Online Travel Agency, one gets to choose if they want assistance in configuring the system as well as if they would want it hosted. 

If customers have their own hosting server but need technical assistance they can choose the option of “Technical Assistance”. If customers don’t have a server to host then QuickTravelAffiliate provides their hosting server. If customers have already a hosting server and have the technical know how on host to setup the solution can opt out the two options for assistance.

2. Choose Template

Once the payment is made one gets to choose the design from a host of default website design templates for the website. Your website created would be created from this selected template.

3. Welcome

On choosing the template, depending on the package chosen you would need to fill in details needed for Domain setup as well as Hosting server details incase you have it hosted on your own server. 

4. Setup Instance

As a first step, depending on the package chosen you would need to setup the domain and host it on the server using the help documentation provided. In case of assistance package, we would setup an instance for you on our/your hosting server.

5. Add Content

As a first step, one would want to decide on the structure for the webcontent by deciding on a sitemap. Once the structure of your website is in place, now comes the time to place content in to the site. The content to the site can easily added using the admin panel.  All the packages would need to setup on the website from the admin panel.  

6. Promote Website

Finally after getting the website up and running, one needs to ensure that there is traffic flowing through so that you get customers. The online users search and would come across the website from the search results pages. There is a need to ensure that the website is ranked on the search results page to get the traffic routed.