Done for you

All these items described above can get overwhelming and frustrating if you are going to do it on your own. Because there are only twenty four hours in a day and if you are  just trading your time for money you are always going to be in that rat race. So there are a couple of ways to work smarter.

No 1 – You should be devoting 50% of your time to marketing and 50% of time to working with clients. So half your time is working on business that is getting actual revenue and the other half should be working on marketing. Check your analytics to know how well your website is performing, check your user flow and goal flow. Check the positioning of your keywords on search engines and your remarketing status etc.  The remaining 50% of your time you must invest in marketing. Find out what your clients are asking, be active on social media and keep building your value proposition.

No 2 – Learn to Delegate! Keep the core activities to yourself and all the other stuff like hosting, website updates, security etc, you should be delegating. I know that may sound difficult to do, or I can’t afford it or I don’t have the money to do it . But I will tell you that you should always delegate it before you can afford it.

No 3 – You should be really focused on your numbers. Make sure you are choosy with the business you take and choosy with the business you turn away. Turning business away is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. So just remember that to give you the courage that it’s OK. When you take away something of a lower nature you make room for something of a higher nature. That is why it is very important to choose the right specialization that you are passionate about.

Our Done for you approach helps you to devote more time to your marketing and that is where the revenue is going to come from. You can leave the rest to us. You can send an email to and our system will automatically create a ticket in your name. This will be assigned to your Customer Success Advisor and within a stipulated time, you will receive an acknowledgment or if the task is a small one, it will be DONE FOR YOU at absolutely no extra cost.