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How can you get more likes to your page without spending a dime?

“How do I get more fans on my Facebook page?” is probably one of the questions I hear from travel professionals most often. Of course the easy answer is “with Facebook ads”, but not every agent is ready to take that leap yet, and even if they are using paid advertising, everyone appreciates some free options as well. Listed below are the steps you can use to get fans for your facebook page, for FREE.

Step 1. Consolidate your list of Contacts

Over the years you must have gathered a list of your friends, subscribers and acquaintances. It’s time to go back and consolidate that list of names and email addresses. Create an excel sheet with the first column as name, and second column as email address. Save this sheet with an extension of .csv (Comma separated values). If this list is more than 100, create multiple files of no more than 100 in each file. I have seen people encounter issues with more than one hundred contacts.

Step 2. Find feature ‘Suggest Page’

Did you know that facebook offers a way to invite your email contacts or subscribers to like your page from within Facebook? To access this feature go to your Facebook page and click on the “Notifications” tab on the top of the page. On the left hand side of the “Notifications” page, look for a box called ‘Get More Likes” and click on “Suggest Page” link. Do you now see what I mean by hidden?

Step 3. Upload your Contact list

From here you will be able to connect with your email provider, your autoresponder service, or upload a CSV file of your list. Once Facebook pulls your contacts, you’ll have the opportunity to review them and select which ones you would like to invite.

Step 4. Let the magic happen

Facebook will now search their user database and see if it can find a match for the email address. If it does, your contact will get an invitation to like the page the next time they log on to Facebook. This invitation isn’t sent by email, it is displayed to them on Facebook. Let the magic happen. Go now and start to grow your facebook fans for free

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