6 Interesting Facts of Online Travel Agents

Online Travel Agents? What are the interesting facts to know about them? If you are reading this article then, of course, you are keen to know, what this article would be saying in the next few lines. Also, if you are reading about Online Travel Agents, you must be one of them, or you want to become an Online Travel Agent.

Let’s keep it short and simple and allow me to tell you some interesting facts about Online Travel Agents.

  1. Passive Income: Online Travel Agents are either people who are working in 9 – 5 jobs, homemakers, retired parents. This adds as a source of additional income to the current primary source of income.Passive Income
  1. Commissions: The commissions earned by these Online Travel Agents range from 5%-20% depending upon the performance of the Online Travel Agents. If you wish to surf the internet for how much an online agent is making only from commissions, you would be shocked to see the figures. Commissions are one of the methods of making money in an online travel agency. There are other ways, such as profit margin on net pricing, selling insurance and so on.Commission
  1. Digital Online Travel Sales Worldwide: As per the report from Statista the Online Travel Sales industry in 2016 was 567.42 Billion USD. This figure is projected to increase to 755.94 Billion U.S Dollars in 2019. So, imagine if you were to become an Online Travel Agent, your earnings would be how big? Online Travel Agency has grown to be a bigger agency than before. Users are not looking for traditional travel agents, where they have to go meet them and book as per their prices. They are looking for services, competitive prices, and true suggestions. Nowadays people already research about the place they want to travel, the hotels they want to stay in. Only a Travel Consultant is required who will book the same for them.Digital Online Travel Sales Worldwide
  1. No Certification: To become an Online Travel Agent, you do not need any certification. All you need is a Website that is responsive and Mobile Friendly, API integration on your website to show the deals and offers, a Travel Technology Partner to help you develop and integrate all of the above. Isn’t it amazing!!! Just to contact a Travel Technology Partner and start your own Online Travel Agency.

No Certification

  1. Competitive Markets: There are untouched market niches. If you are looking for a niche for your Online Travel Agency, you can think of Adventure Online Travel Agency. There are also Online Travel Agency, which does surprise vacation for clients, that is the clients do not know where they are traveling until they reach the airport.

competitive market

  1. Own Enterprise: Everyone once in their lifetime wishes to become an entrepreneur, but due to higher investments, a risk of loss and other miscellaneous risks they are scared to go further with their dream and are stuck with their 9-5 job or being a homemaker and taking care of the home. It is important for us to understand the need for a second income/passive income that can support your expenses in the near future. This is a terrific opportunity to start your own online business. All you need to do is contact Quick Travel Affiliate and book your free consultation with us. We will guide you, by understanding your requirements, the amount of investment that you can make. The best guidance for starting your own enterprise. If this inspires you, we are ready to help and provide you with our best services.

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