3 things every traveller will demand from their hotel booking engines

Travelling, be it for a holiday or for work, shouldn’t be stressful and hectic, well at least not the planning part of it. Every individual has a different view about how to reduce this to a minimal – some prefer handling the reservations themselves, on the standalone websites, and some look to an online travel agent(OTA). But the latter kind need to feel confident while choosing one to make life easier and look for a few basics for that to happen. These are the 3 major areas which let any travel agent leapfrog their competition

Respect My Time

How one’s confidence soars when an acquaintance remembers a few details about you? Think about your first reaction if you log on to an OTA that you previously used and the suggestions is shoots this time around for your request is along the lines of your travel habits. INSTANTLY REASSURED THAT YOU’RE AT HOME HERE!! An OTA must remember a traveler’s travel choices and give appropriate results, saving the user those precious 45 seconds he/she uses to filter them out. The feeling of personal attention is one of the most dominant in guiding one’s decision making process and concentrate solely on the task at hand.


Want to know the secret of a lasting impression? Pick up clues for the traveler’s search parameters and shoot out results accordingly. Say that someone someone searching for a hotel in London for a 7-night stay of two adults and two children, a fantastic search result would include local restaurants, distance for the beach and childcare options. On the other hand, for someone searching for a hotel in London for a single night, midweek, for one adult, give out information more about transport, business facilities and Wi-Fi availability.

Put words in my mouth

Who wouldn’t want an agent that suggests a package or booking that is the best value-for-money when you have flexible dates?!! The way to maximize one’s benefit of having a non-stringent travel plan is to offer a set of results with a few deals that make the traveler so much more enthusiastic about the stay. Not only is it an incentive for the traveler to book around those particular special days but also gives one the sense of getting options other than the “usual” rates.

It doesn’t have to be the case that the search results that are displayed will ensure a pick form the first 3 options, but rather that the recommendations be tailored to the user’s needs. Increase in confidence of the traveler means increase in successful bookings. For more information on building a successful Online Travel Portal have a look at our guidelines : Click Here!

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