10 Things to Consider While Designing Website for B2C Travel Portal

I was just surfing the internet to find out websites with B2C Travel Portal that help end-users (customers like you and me) to book hotels,  flights, cruises, and tour packages. This research helped me jot down the 10 crucial factors that would be helpful for you while designing your website with B2C Travel Portal.

To make it more interesting for you let me mention the advantages right away. When these 10 crucial pointers are kept in mind and the website is designed it helps in customer retention; which is the most important aspect in the online travel industry and with so many competitors out there in the market. Secondly, it makes the interface user-friendly and helps the customers to book from your website and so you won’t be losing them to your competitors. It creates loyal customers as they keep on returning to your website for easy usage. With all of the above, you will be EARNING COMMISSION every time a customer books from your website. So you can just think as to how much would you be able to earn by just using these 10 factors while designing your website.

A B2C model integration consists of hotels, flight tickets, cruises, tours, and travel packages. For example, the customer who is looking to book for flight tickets will directly visit this portal, put in the date and time of travel and look for airfares that best suits them.

Previously, people used to visit travel agents in a brick and motor store. With changing times the concept of Traditional Travel Agents has faded out. Nowadays, people look for options Online, because it is easy to access, time-saving and with the click of a button your work is done.

Hence if you wish to become a B2C Travel Agent, you need to keep 10 crucial factors in mind while designing the website for your B2C Travel Portal.

1. Responsive Website

 A responsive website is one that works on all devices and not just on desktop laptops and computers. The website should be mobile and tablet friendly so that users who are trying to sign in through their mobiles and tablets have the best user experience and you don’t lose out on your customer base.

2.  API Integration

Your website should be a place where the user will enter their query and as per their requirement and your website has to show competitive results so that the users book only from your website and do not go anywhere else. Therefore, you need an API that would filter data as per the query and show it on your website. Talking about API’s you can choose Expedia Affiliate Network(EAN), as your API, it has all the modules that are required by a B2C Travel Portal.

3. Content Management

Since your website is the interface between you and your customer, you need to give a personalized touch to your content on the website. That is the content should guide the customer properly to whatever the customer is searching for. If the content is misleading the customer is bound to leave your website and go to another website. The content has to be brief with the quality information required by the user.

4. Offers and Deals

If you want to gain a competitive edge in the market you need to give your customers offers and deals, especially to your loyal customers. If you have gotten a net price from your supplier at a cheaper rate and you are willing to increase traffic to your website, you can give it as best deals and offers on your website. This will increase traffic flow and thus users will remember the name of your travel website.

5. SEM Benefits

If you are getting your website developed from a travel technology partner, they will integrate Search Engine Marketing(SEM) which is very vital for your website ranking. It is advisable to do paid as well as organic advertisements of your websites initially to get more traffic to your website.

6. Call-to -Action-Buttons

Placement of call to action buttons depends upon the psychological and behavioral factors of your customers. Placing these buttons in proper positions, the layout of your website, typography are all the factors that will also impact the sales leads that you will get on your website. Design a B2C Travel Portal in such a way which is appealing to its users in all of the above-mentioned aspects.

7. Integration of Customer Support

Online Travel Agency is not geographically bound. You need to have your customer support arranged in such a manner that people who are not booking from your country or from a different timezone still get the customer support that they require. Therefore, a B2C Travel Portal should be one which is available for all its users.

8. Integration of Search Form

The search form needs to be properly integrated into your website. All the fields pertaining to the customer query must be included in your form. For example, if a customer is searching for hotels, then the fields- day and date of travel, number of days of stay, number of adults and children must be included. Once the user fills in all the details, then the data will be sorted as per the requirement of the user and the filtered information will be shown to them.

Therefore, a search form should be integrated where maximum information can be retrieved from the user for the best results.

9. Customized Services

Providing services as per the location of the users is necessary. Therefore, providing customized services in your area of the niche will help you gain more clients to your website. For example, if you are providing services on hotels and flight bookings, but in your niche area, you should also give car rental.

10. Translator

As I mentioned before, Online Travel Portals are not geographically bound. Any user from any country should be able to visit your website and use it. But we need to keep in mind that there are language differences, currency differences and hence your website needs to cater to these requirements and hence a translator of language and currency is required on your website.

Well, given above are a few pointers to keep in mind. To integrate the above on the website is a very daunting task- isn’t it? For a layman who just needs a built website so that they can start earning their passive income, this can become a nightmare. Let me suggest something to you!

Rather than spending sleepless nights and building this website; all you need to do is contact us. We will build the entire system and hand it over to you. You just need to market the website through your online sources that you find best suitable for yourself, and that’s it. You are ready to bag your commissions in your bank account.

So don’t wait, book your free consultation with us today and get your B2C Travel Portal up and running


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