How can widgets for website empower Affiliates?

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You cannot improve what you cannot measure….

If you want to be above competition, it is very important that you measure where you are and record where you want to be. And along the journey check for progress or deviation. For the travel affiliate, it is very important to measure the progress if the site has to consistently make money for the affiliate marketer. So the best way is to tool up and whats better than having it all on the same website admin area?

The Deals and Steals widget

Well, Expedia doesn’t make it easy to get deals for a hotel unless you supply it with the from and to dates. Now, if I were to take a vacation and if there was a site that gave me deals for a particular set of dates that I could probably adjust with, I would definitely go with that.

Our deals and steals widget actually does that. So, if your visitor has come to your city, or landmark page, we have integrated our deals and steals widget to show the deals for hotels in that city by executing some complicated logic in the backend. Now, go and entice your visitors and lure them to book a hotel on your website.

The Events widget

While searching for a hotel, your visitor may also be excited to know about the events happening in that area. While your visitor is getting excited, you can make some extra cash if the event is booked from your site.

Street View and Google Map Widget

Unique to our framework is the street view widget that sits in the middle of the hotel summary page. This view gives the real time street view of the hotel and its surroundings. The integrated map widget does perfectly what it’s supposed to do.

Restaurant Widget

This widget quenches a visitors thirst for information. The city/landmark/neighborhood pages are laced with this widget giving a very very comprehensive information about the area under research. This is also important from the search engine perspective as it keeps your city page live with fresh data all the time.

The Weather widget

A comprehensive search for a hotel or city or neighborhood would be to also give the visitor a quick weather check.

The Post to Social Media widget

You have done some exciting work to put your content on your website. You have also done a good amount of digital marketing to attract your visitors, now having a social share button on your pages will help your viewers share this exciting content with their friends.

Analytics Widget

Now you don’t need to go back to your analytics account to check your visitor status. All this can be done right from within your admin area. You can check which pages are being visited, what is the bounce rate and how are your goals doing.

Affiliate Marketing Website for under $100

Quick Travel Affiliate brings to the table a framework that has all the above components already built in. When you sign up with Quick Travel Affiliate, you get

  1. A well designed site that is responsive and mobile ready.
  2. A framework that can give you you own ‘Online Travel Agency (OTA)” in a couple of days
  3. A team of experts who will help you start earning online revenue in a more strategic manner
  4. A pre-integrated Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) API, to help your clients research on your site instead of going elsewhere
  5. Pre-configured reports and analytics to see how your travel agency website is doing on the internet and lots more…….


Are you ready to get started?

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