How to build an effective SEO Strategy for Travel Affiliates

SEO Marketing Strategies

What is Search Engine Marketing and how does it work for Travel Affiliates

Most affiliate Marketers will shy away from SEO Strategy. They are comfortable in their zone of Online Marketing, that is paid ads. But instead of just creating a doorway for the merchant and weaving a web of affiliate links on the website, an affiliate marketer should take a step back and really think if SEO is a friend or foe. Following a few steps enlisted below, an Affiliate can successfully start making money online. These steps are

Step 1: Find your Niche

Most affiliate marketers look at affiliate marketing from the point of pay out and commission. So, in search for the highest paying Merchant, Affiliate Marketers are ready to leave their comfort zone. This is a wrong approach. First find your niche, and then find merchants that have the highest payouts on sale or reference.

Step 2: Get the best site design and fast hosting

Paid ads will help even an ugly looking website through the doors of a Merchant. While paid ads are good to start your business with, it cannot be a tool you should use forever. Build a great looking website preferably a Content Management System so that you can add your own content and do not need any technical help. Find hosting service providers who do managed hosting and maintenance of the site. Now you are only a few steps away from building a successful SEO Strategy.

Step 3: Build Unique Content and facilitate User Generated Content

You have a niche and and you have a website. After your have integrated the content coming from the merchant, you need to start writing content that is unique. So for example if you are selling travel in a niche like a weekend getaway, your merchant can deliver all the deals for such a niche, and you can write about “20 Great Hotels For weekend getaways on a Budget”. The more interesting the content, better chance it has to go viral. You can use tools like CopyScape that will allow you to make sure your content is unique.

The SEO world is not a monologue anymore, you need to allow visitors to your site to comment. A good Content Management System like wordpress will give this facility to your site by default. Again in the above reference of travel, allow your visitor to comment on your article (of course moderate it if you don’t like the comment).

Step 4: Publish and Distribute content – Build Authority

There are more than 50 different social media websites where you can distribute this content. Build your accounts on all of these. A good content management system has tools that can allow you to publish to all these sites on the click of a button. Allowing you content to be published on sites with a good page rank will help you get backlinks into your website.

As you build relevant content, increase authority through a structured link building process and a creative SEO Strategy. By sharing your unique content on social network, you certainly generate more followers, fans, tweets, likes, and shares.

Build authority by,

  • Find relevant sites in your industry and become a guest blogger from them
  • Create interesting infographics (great for viral content).
  • Create entertaining videos.

Final Step in your SEO Strategy: Tool up

As it is usually said, “If you can’t measure, you can’t improve”. Build a tool set to help you measure your performance. There are free tools that can be embedded into your website like Google Analytics, SEMRush. These tools will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO Strategy on various parameters like unique visitors, device efficiency, position tracking etc.

You are now on your way to build a successful online business.

Affiliate Marketing Website for under $100

Quick Travel Affiliate brings to the table a framework that has the SEO Strategy components already built in. When you sign up with Quick Travel Affiliate, you get

  1. A beautifully designed site that is responsive and mobile ready.
  2. A framework that can give you you own ‘Online Travel Agency (OTA)” in a couple of days
  3. An integrated blog so that you can start writing your own user generated content and allow your visitors to comment
  4. A team of experts who will help you start earning online revenue in a more strategic manner
  5. A pre-integrated Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) API, to help your clients research on your site instead of going elsewhere
  6. Pre-configured tools and analytics to see how your travel agency website is doing on the internet and lots more…….


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